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VR Shinecon 3.0 2.0 VR 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Head Mount for 4.7″~6.0″ Smartphone + Bluetooth Remote/ Gamepad Controller


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Product Description

VR Shinecon three.0 2.0 VR 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Head Mount for four.7"~6.0" Smartphone + Bluetooth Remote/ Gamepad Controller

Shinecon 2.0

Hot points: 

High Quality Shinecon 3D VR Eyewear Glasses 
1.New product,Our 3D vr glasses with good quality plastic and leather.
2.Supported device:4.7-6 inch smart mobile phone.
3.Suppoerted system:iOS & Android.
4.3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Precise 3D Event.
5. Shift Your Phone into IMAX Theatre,Owning your  private  3D cinema.
1.Brand new and high quality, similar for Google cardboard head mount plastic version 3D VR virtual reality video glasses
2.This item does not have the Magnet Parts so it can not control like the Google Cardboard 3D. But you can use this item view 3D movie and 3D game on your cellphone
3.This paragraph does not contain NFC component (NFC module automatically recognizes only open the program, click on the icon to open the step is omitted software, other experiences are the same)
4.3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Precise 3D Event
Product Description 
1.Suitable size:4.7-6''
3.Lens:Optical resin lens
5.Virtual Watch Distance:Watching 1050 inches screen in three meters
6.Games:Special Gamepad control and 3D software provid
8.Media player: 3D video playback support:2D video convert to 3D support
Shinecon three.0 

[Specially designed for Smart Phones] Perfectly support all four.7 to 6.0 inches Smart Phones (Support Android & iOS Smart Phones). Just need a Smartphone, offering you an ideal private cinema.
[Greatly Enjoy 3D Movies] This VR Glasses converts Second Movie into 3D Movies in an instant, offering you private 3D Cinema, super 3D Picture Effect and Wonderful Feeling.  
[High-grade Optical Resin Lens] High-performance & High-precision lens provides a clearer picture and a more robust view. Will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even after a very long time use.
[Ergonomic Design] Adjustable pupil distance satisfys different groups of people. Adjustable headband and mesh leather eye patch perfectly and comfortably fit for your face when wearing.
[Enjoy Anytime Anywhere] Comfortable and convenient to use, allowing you watch at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing, no software needed; it is a superb companion for traveling or staying house.

Offers Tons More Convenience:
* Easy to install your cell phone into the relative slot of this 3D glasses. The included silicone can firmly clamp your smart phones.
* Without front cover, greatly dissipate heat.
* Only support Left-right 3D films, greatly enjoy all left-right 3D films.
* Perfectly suitable for students, white-collar workers or travelers, etc.

The working principle of 3D glasses is via split screen to reach 3D effect.
It cannot be used when the phone is charging.

Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink, White (Optional)
Suitable: 4.7~6.0" Smart phone

The remote only support android system, it does not support IOS system.
Package includes:

1=     VR Shinecon 2.0 VR 3D Glasses (Black) + Wireless Bluetooth Remote

2=   VR Shinecon 2.0 VR 3D Glasses (White)

3=   VR Shinecon 2.0 VR 3D Glasses  (White)   + Wireless Bluetooth Remote

4=  VR Shinecon 2.0 VR 3D Glasses  (Black)
5=  VR Shinecon three.0 VR 3D Glasses  (White)
Shinecon 2.0
Shinecon three.0