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100% Original FIIT VR 2S Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Google Cardboard VR BOX BOBO VR +Bluetooth Gamepad Controller


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Main Features:

This 3D glasses appropriate for the size of the smart phone into the product any place to watch 3D movies and play 3D games, so that consumers like to experience a way of immersive.
  1: This product clear surface gloss, high material stability, strong anti-aging, and then after the production of surface treatment of science, not only have a much better 3D images, and better protect the eyes of consumers.
  2: The product of the bilateral spring clamped Phone to more exact alignment of the lens center to obtain true viewing.
  3: IPD and separately alter the focal length: the focal length of right and left eyes individually adjustable design, more appropriate for left and right eye visual acuity of consumers, so while watching the picture clearer.
  4: clamshell magnets, operate more convenient for consumers, and longer life.
  5: 3D glasses appropriate for four.0-6.5 inch phoneinch wide phone up 85X165mm, thickness of up to 11MM).
  6: head touches the cortex goggles, made of high quality leather. More comfortable more upscale than the average sponge material.
Brand: FIIT VR
Model: VR2S
VR Glasses Type: VR Glasses
Compatible with : Smartphones
Material: ABS
Smartphone Compatibility: 4.0 – 6.5 inch
Three-end headband:Polyester + leather
How can I use this 3D VR Glasses?
Method 1: Download Cardboard from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.
Method 2: Download 3D Videos (left-right format) into your phone, play it directly
Method three: Download Kodi to your phone, watch online streaming videos in 3D
Method four: If you understand Chinese, you can use the official App.or you can contact us for how to get loads of Apps for both IOS and Android.
NOTE: The official QR Code is for Chinese APP, if you need more APP or Games, please send us your order number. thanks
********  Warning (Please read carefully before your purchase) ********

This remote controller will be compatible with both IOS and Android phones for some Basic functions such as volume control, take photoes and etc. For the gaming,  It is NOT compatible with all games under IOS or Android system. Especially under IOS system, it is only compatible with some games under "icade" APP, buyer accepted once order confirmed. (No any remote controller can be compatible to all games as we know until now and this is the IOS system compatible issue. hope all Dear Buyer can understand.)